Telemedicine "Chikitsa Sahayta Kendra" project in Khamar, Odisha

Bringing affordable & quality healthcare to India's villages

Ekal Abhiyan, Arogya Foundation of India, Health Foundation for Rural India along with Intelehealth have launched a pilot telemedicine project in Khamar sanch of Odisha to overcome the barriers faced by villagers from accessing good quality health care. Villagers have to travel far and spend a lot of time and money to see a doctor even for a small health problem. Six women from the village are provided with telemedicine health worker training, smart phones and & a mobile application with which they can connect the patient to specialist doctors in Bhubhaneshwar bringing the best and most affordable care to their doorstep.

The partnership aims to set up 3 telemedicine centers serving 44 villages improving access to care for 50000 people in the pilot year. The aim of the project is to scale up to 60 centers in 600 villages serving 1 million people over 5 years.