Download the “Intelehealth” app from the PlayStore. Setup the app:

  • Enter the following credentials at setup,
  • URL:
  • Location: Telemedicine clinic 1 or Telemedicine clinic 2
  • Choose an option for mind maps: Use Demo Mind-Maps
  • Username: nurse
  • Password: Nurse123
  • Admin password: Admin123

Visit the doctor's portal with the following login credentials:

  • Username: doctor
  • Password: Doctor123
  • Location: Remote

You can do various things with the platform like:

  • Create a new patient
  • Start a visit for that patient
  • Use any of the demo clinical guidance systems for history taking and physical examination and generate an automated health record
  • Share the record with a doctor (see the doctor's portal)
  • Receive diagnosis, tests, referrals from the doctor

Questions? Schedule a demo/walkthrough

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