What We Offer

Intelehealth provides you everything you need to create a successful telehealth program. You can demo it yourself or reach out to us to schedule a walk-through and get more information.


Free & opensource platform

We at Intelehealth have developed an open source telemedicine platform that empowers local community health workers (CHWs) in rural communities to facilitate tele-consultations with remote doctors. It enables them to gather high quality clinical history and conduct clinically-relevant physical exams. Intelehealth can be used by hospitals, community health programs & governments to expand the reach of health services to ensure that vital primary care reaches remote and rural populations.


Health organizations that want to set up telemedicine programs do not have a lot of technology options to choose from. A robust software platform is the backbone of a good telemedicine program. The platform needs to be low cost, work even over an unreliable low bandwidth data connection and needs to be appropriately designed for health workers or nurses who may have never used a smartphone before. The current solutions also have limited functionality and lack the ability to provide appropriate clinical support for health workers to provide high-quality comprehensive care.  Our telemedicine platform overcomes the gaps of existing solutions and is designed to work in challenging last mile settings. At the heart of the Intelehealth software platform is an intelligent clinical data collection system - HxGuide.




HxGuide supports health workers in collecting the right information required to guide the doctor’s decision making process.  Due to time pressures, history taking in currently available teleconsultation models is routinely rushed or incomplete, which contributes to diagnostic errors in a teleconsult. To overcome these gaps, the Intelehealth platform uses the HxGuide, a knowledge engineered computer-assisted history taking system which:
- Ensures that health providers gather comprehensive clinical history and conduct clinically relevant physical exams. It guides the user through a series of questions and exams based on the patient’s presenting symptoms and medical history.
- Provides interactive job aids that help community-based providers during the physical exam, such as video, pictures, and sounds when relevant to the question being presented.


Currently the knowledge engine codifies 67 common complaints & 143 physical exams; this knowledge has been developed through the collaborative efforts of a panel of experts and clinicians following evidence based clinical guidelines.



Software as a Service - SaaS

We provide Intelehealth as a cloud-based SaaS platform in a turnkey solution for tele-health programs that deliver primary healthcare so that service delivery organizations and doctors in global health can focus on what they do best - provide healthcare, leaving the heavy technology lifting to us.

Clients can choose from different subscription plans or pay per user. Contact us for our subscription plans.



Implementation bundles

A lot goes into a successful telehealth program. We work with our clients to help them design unique service delivery models for delivering primary healthcare to the last mile.

We make sure that you don't have to start from scratch to build your telehealth program. 



Our software platform is provided opensource, so you can take our code and customize it as much as you want to. Intelehealth is provided implementation ready, meaning you can download and use the system as soon as you have set it up.

Find us on Github: https://github.com/Intelehealth